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Tremosine at Lake Garda

In Tremosine sul Garda you will spend a comfortable holiday, enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and take part in an active program for young and adults.

Tignale Lake Garda

Tignale Tremosine is set on an upland that falls vertically on the west shore of Lake Garda and is part of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano. The municipal district is divided in 18 localities, among which just one, Campione, is directly on the lake. The others are scattered along the wide territory of the upland and the valleys: Pieve (municipal district seat), Arias, Bassenega, Cadignano, Castone, Mezzema, Musio, Pregasio, Prezzo, Secastello, Sermerio, Sompriezzo, Ustecchio, Vesio (with the major number of inhabitants), Villa, Voiandes e Voltino. The district offers a wide range of natural beauties, from Mediterranean to alpine environment, with lakes, valleys, hills covered with olive groves and mountains. Here many paths that were once used by the mules take directly to the mountain. Beyond that, involving bike and excursions tracks are not missing (for e-bike too).

Canyoning in Tremosine

Canyoning in Tremosine Live actively the nature around Tremosine, for here you can practice outdoor activities as canyoning, sailing, horse riding (just to list some). For trained bikers, the 51 km Tremalzo competition takes place every year, at a height of 2.000 m. The start is in Pieve di Tremosine. A panoramic road, recognized by the Frankfurter journal as "the most beautiful road in the world", takes from the harbour, through a canyon, directly on the upland and it offers a breath-taking view on Lake Garda. Places of interest are the church "San Giovanni Battista" in Pieve, the church "San Bartolomeo" in Vesio and the Antonius Chapel in Usteccio.Due to its particular architectural beauty and the high life quality, Tremosine has been added to the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy "I più bei borghi d’Italia" by the Italian Municipal District Association.

most beautiful villages

most beautiful villages The weekly market, where local products (cheese, olive oil and honey of Tremosine), antiques and clothing are sold, takes place in Campione di Tremosine every Tuesday. Go and seek the bargains and enjoy a morning wandering among the stands.In Tremosine, a great amount of interesting, involving, sportive and holy events takes place every year: in Pieve, during the beginning of the Lent, the Tridum Sacrum masses are celebrated, during the night of the last day of February to the first day of March spring is welcomed with the peace hearth, music and rituals. Furthermore, expositions, concerts and evenings dedicated to children take place during the summer months.


  • Region: Lombardy
  • Province: Brescia (BS)
  • Coordinates: 45° 46′ N, 10° 46′ O
  • Elevation: 414 m
  • Area: 72 km²
  • Inhabitants: ca. 2.150
  • Density: 30 /km²
  • Districts: Arias, Bassanega, Cadignano, Campione, Castone, Mezzema, Musio, Pieve (Gemeindesitz), Pregasio, Priezzo, Secastello, Sermerio, Sompriezzo, Ustecchio, Vesio, Villa, Voiandes, Voltino
  • Neighbour communities: Brenzone (VR), Limone sul Garda, Magasa, Malcesine (VR), Ledro (TN), Tignale
  • Zip code: 25010 - Phone code: 0365