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Arco at Lake Garda

Arco on Lake Garda is the most south set town in Trentino-Alto Adige, explore the antique places of interest end enjoy at the same time an active holiday in a marvellous landscape.

Arco Lake Garda

Arco Arco is placed on the north shore of Lake Garda, at the end of the wide Sarca valley, and is part of the valley community of Alto Garda and Ledro. The town is also known as a "natural clinic" or "Nizza del Trentino" thanks to its clean air, the mild climate and the Mediterranean garden. Apart from that, the Sarca Bridge and the Sarca Dam in Arco are very famous and are worth a visit. The symbol of the town is the rocky face with the tower ruins of the tower "Torre di Arco", a medieval castle set at a high of 273 m and reachable with a 20 minutes’ walk by more than a path through the olive groves. The view on the city and on the surrounding landscapes is unique.

Antique buildings

antique buildings The houses and the antique buildings of the old town centre, at the feet of the rocky face, are in the shape of a curvature, which looks like an arch. This peculiarity gives the name to the town. In the old town centre, there are many picturesque squares, antique portals, wells and hidden alleys, with small stores and bars to discover. Particularly worth visiting is the Arboretum in Arco, a botanic garden that hosts around 150 types of plants, among which the giant Mammoth trees and the famous cave "Grotta di Patone".

The rocky faces in Arco

The rocky faces The rocky faces that surround the town are a real paradise for free climbing lovers, that’s why the city is also known as the country of sportive climbers. In Arco, the last days of August, the mass event "Rock Master Festival" takes place, during which climbers from the whole world try to conquer the difficult rocky walls. Arco is a good starting point for further sport activities as excursions and mountain bike tours (for example towards Marocche, Monte Velo etc…). The weekly market takes place every first and third Wednesday of the month. The most important economic sources are tourism, handicraft and agriculture (particularly olive groves and vineyards).


  • Region: Trentino-South Tyrol
  • Province: Trento (TN)
  • Coordinates: 45° 55′ N, 10° 53′ O
  • Elevation: 91 m (299 ft)
  • Area: 63 km²
  • Inhabitants: ca. 17.500
  • Density: 275 /km²
  • Districts: Bolognano, Caneve, Ceole, Chiarano, La Grotta, Linfano, Massone, Moletta, Padaro, Pratosaiano, San Giorgio, San Martino, Varignano, Vigne, Vignole
  • Neighbour communities: Drena, Dro, Lomaso, Mori, Nago-Torbole, Riva del Garda, Ronzo-Chienis, Tenno, Villa Lagarina
  • Zip code: 38062 - Phone code: 0464