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Laghel7 Agritur - Arco - Lake Garda

Location: Arco

The biological farm spreads over 5 ht. and is 360 m high. The main farm’s activity is the olive trees cultivation as well as vegetables, fruits and officinal plants. A little zoo makes the farm "lively animated": pure-bred quarter horses, Haflinger horses, donkeys and courtyard animals. Walking in the silent oak woods it’s quite possible to meet some wild animals such as roe-deer, hedgehogs, foxes or catching glimpses on flights of birds of pray. But the Farm’s best activity is absolutely the production of the olive oil. The Casaliva olive trees is the most important native and widespread variety yielding an excellent oil: golden-green colour which has a delicate aroma with notes of almond and a light fruity flavour. National Manifestation as the Italian Olive Fair and the Puegnago Lake Garda Fair have recognized it’s highest quality.
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