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Garda Family House Casa di Ospitalità Religiosa - Brenzone - Lake Garda

Location: Brenzone

The “Little Sisters of the Sacred Family” offer a spirituality and culture centre at the Garda Family House in Castelletto di Brenzone on the stunning Lake Garda.

Here you can relax and pray in a quiet and comfortable environment, deepening your faith and curing your spirit.

In the Centre you can also hold meetings, round tables and events.

The religious community, together with lay helpers, offers this service in a friendly and welcoming style, allowing you to experience the “touch of God” and relax.

Our style is inspired by the “Incarnation Mystery”, the basic rule of the “Little Sisters of the Sacred Family”, applied by the original founders – the blessed Giuseppe Nascimbeni and Maria Domenica Mantovani.

The contemplation of Jesus, the son of God, who becomes man in the Nazareth Family and lives for thirty years a common life in constant relation with his Father, makes every Little Sister spend their daily energy and time glorifying God through the goodness of each human being.
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